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Fashion Week in Berlin [makeup]

Business shootings with Yves Kortum [makeup&hairstyle]

Beauty Editorials with Yves Kortum [makeup&hairstyle]

Beauty Editorial in Paris for Leica Magazine [makeup&hairstyle]

Private workshops [makeup consulting]

Beauty editorial for Paris Hair Salon “Gina Gino”

Business Shooting in Philharmonie of Luxembourg [makeup]

Business Shooting “Dussman” [makeup&hairstyle]

Beauty and Commercial shootings in Belgium [makeup]

Mister and Miss Luxembourg [makeup]


Eurovision 2006

Amazing event 2007

Also very cool 2009

Something cool 2010

Mister and Miss France 2012

Miss China 2015

Top Model Paris 2015

Best something in the world 2017

Loreal and Wella Studios in Germany [makeup]

Beauty shootings [makeup&hairstyle]

Echo Pop in Berlin [hairstyle]

TV and Fashion Awards in Germany [makeup&hairstyle]

Video and Cover for Fashion Week in Luxembourg [makeup&hairstyle]

Beauty Editorial for Benude Magazine in Paris with Yves Kortum

Commercial Editorial for jewellery designer “Made by Nade”

Glow Convections in Germany (Hannower and Berlin) [makeup&hairstyle]

Germany next Top Model by Heidy Clum 2017

Miss and Mister (Berlin, Marburg, Sachsen) [makeup&hairstyle]

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